2018 Monster Mako Report

A big thanks to all who participated in this year’s Monster Mako Shark Tournament.

As a quick tally we tagged 39 Mako Sharks, 14 Blue Sharks, 2 Thresher Sharks and a Whaler Shark plus a few were captured.


Champion Boat Tag and Release Undertaker – 32,775 points
Runner-Up Boat Tag and Release Gale Force – 20,125 points
Heaviest Mako Shark Capture Casey – 182.5kg
Champion Junior Angler – Capture Makira Wright – 139.5kg Mako on 15kg

Fingers crossed also for 13 Year old Makira Wright with her 139.5 Kg Mako Shark on 15kg pending National, NSW and Club Record. Well done Makira!

2018 Tuna Slam – July & August

SGFC is proud to announce that the annual Tuna Slam commences on July 1st and runs through until the end of August.

Entry Forms Available Here

  • Entry: $250 per boat  (regardless of anglers) .
  • Event runs for entirety of July and August, boats can fish as many days as they wish.
  • Entries will be accepted throughout the event but must be received and paid for before boat leaves port on day of fishing.
  • Prizes: 40% of cash pool to heaviest Blue Fin tuna and 40% of cash pool to heaviest Other Tuna.
  • Fish may be weighed at vessel homeport – refer rules for specifics.
  • Fishing are is limited to SGFC prescribed waters – which essentially extend from Norah Head to Wollongong Lighthouse and 60 nautical miles seawards from the Coast.

Entry Forms Available Here


2018 Peter Goadby Tournament Report

The Annual Peter Goadby Memorial Tournament presented by Little Audrey Charters and hosted by the Sydney Game Fishing Club over the 28th and 29th April 2018 out of their iconic game fishing club at Watsons Bay on Sydney Harbour.

Despite average weather conditions the fishing was on point with tags and captures of blue and striped marlin, big yellowfin tuna, spearfish, sharks and even the odd dolphin fish being recorded.

Over the two days of fishing the fleet of thirty boats raised a total of 104 fish, with 76 being fought and 29 being tagged or captured. The fish weren’t small either with multiple yellowfin over 150lbs being taken, as well as a number of blues in excess of 350lb.

Congratulations to Elly Offord fishing in the Junior (female) category on board Cookie, skippered by Murray Offord, who caught a 372lb blue marlin on 130lb tackle and to Ron Kovacs fishing in the Male category onboard Ambition, skippered by Ivan Bennet, who caught a 744lb blue marlin on 50lb tackle. Both of these fish are pending Australian and New South Wales records and are a testament to the quality of fish that can be found off Sydney each year in April.

Sydney Game Fishing Club would like extend a warm thank you to all those who entered the tournament and have supported the event. The club would also like to thank the many sponsors who made the event possible, in particular our major tournament sponsors – Little Audrey Charters, IBW Constructions, Furuno Electronics, Great Norther Brewing Co, Sylvania Marina and Tonic Eyewear.

Results – Tag and Release

Champion Boat Tag and Release Hoodlum (SGFC) – 23,000 points
Runner up Tag and Release Big Blue (BBGFC) – 20,000 points
Third Tag and Release Happy Days (SGFC), 10,000 points (countback)
Fourth Tag and Release Tantrum (SGFC), 10,000 points
Champion Boat under 8m Gamechanger (JBGFC), 8,525 points
Champion Lady Tag and Release Karen Wright (SGFC)

Results – Capture

Champion Boat Capture Ambition (SGFC)
Runner up Boat Capture Tantrum (SGFC)
Heaviest Marlin (in the jackpot) Tantrum (SGFC) 450lb blue marlin
Heaviest Shark Carnage (BBGFC) 665lb tiger shark
Heaviest Tuna Scott Hallowday (SGFC), 160lb yellowfin on 50lb
Champion Lady Capture Janet West (BBGFC), 665lb tiger shark on 30lb
Champion Junior (female) Elly Offord (PHGFC), 372lb blue marlin on 130lb
Champion Junior (male) Oscar Davies (CCGFC), 306lb tiger shark on 30lb


End of Summer Pointscore

Now that the Summer Pointscore is over it signals the finalisation of  THE POROS,  THE KEITH WHITEHEAD and TENNESEE II Trophies…

2018 Peter Goadby Tournament sponsored by Little Audrey – 28th and 29th April

Rules & Entry Form Available Here

SGFC is proud to announce the 2018 Peter Goadby Memorial Tournament sponsored by Little Audrey will be held on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April 2018.

This year in addition to all the normal prizes and trophies we have a new Calcutta style competition for the heaviest marlin over 150kg, entry into this competition is $500 per boat with the winner taking 90% of the total pool (remaining 10% to the Club).  Conditions apply.

Check back soon for full details of all prizes.

Prizes and Trophies – Tag & Release
1. Champion Boat T&R
2. Runner-Up Boat T&R
3. Third Place Boat T&R
4. Fourth Place Boat T&R
5. Champion Boat Under 8 Meters T&R
6. Champion Adult Lady Angler T&R
7. Champion Junior Angler T&R
8. Champion Small Fry Angler T&R

Prizes and Trophies – Capture
1. Champion Boat Capture
2. Runner-Up Boat Capture
3. Heaviest Marlin over 150kg
4. Heaviest Shark over 250kg
5. Heaviest Tuna over 40kg
6. Champion Adult Lady Angler Capture
7. Champion Junior Angler Capture
8. Champion Small Fry Angler Capture


Rules & Entry Form Available Here

Out West Club Meeting with Al McGlashan

This year the Out West Meeting will be on 16th. November’ 17 from 7pm.

It will be held at Phil and Vicky Webster’s hotel ‘Richard’s on the Park’ with special guest speaker Al McGlashan.

Locate at: 41 Canley Vale Rd.,Canley Vale. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm.

The TENNESSEE ll Trophy

At one time in the not too distant past, back in the days when Capture was the mainstay of all the Game Fishing Clubs the most vied for trophy in our club was the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY. The charter for this trophy is such that the boat most adept at catching fish on ALL line classes on point score days only was the winner. However, since the introduction of Tag & Release the number of fish killed has decreased dramatically. In fact to the point where last season only five boats killed fish and four of them tied for the first place.
Through Gary Sexton the club has been offered a trophy for which the charter will be the equivalent in Tag & Release to the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY.
This new trophy, the TENNESSEE ll Trophy will be for Tag and Release on Summer Point Score days. Like the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY the winner will be the boat with the lowest points accrued from its position within each of the four NSWGFA line class categories thus giving us the boat which performed best over all.

Below is an example of how the winner of the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY and the
TENNESSEE ll Trophy is calculated…

Tag & Release line class categories (Capture categories are different):

Ultra Light  :  4 kg. to 10 kg. lines
Light             : 15 kg.
Medium       : 24 kg.
Heavy           : 37 kg. and 60 kg. lines

Boat                Ultra Light     Light      Medium      Heavy     Accrued

Ambition               2000 (3)      5000 (1)      1500 (3)      2000 (3)      10
Tantrum                1000 (4)       2000(2)     6000 (1)       1900 (4)       11
Shakara                 3000 (1)         500 (3)      1000 (4)      6000 (1)        9
Midnight               2500 (2)         200 (4)     5900 (2)      5000 (2)      10

As you can see each boat has scored points in each of the line class categories. To the right of each category is each boats position within the category ( in brackets ). By adding each boat’s position, in its row, we get the ‘Accrued’ total. The boat with the lowest Accrued total i.e. Shakara is the winner with Ambition and Midnight tying for second place.

Notice of 2017 AGM

Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

The 65th Annual General Meeting of the Sydney Game Fishing Club Limited will be held at the SGFC Clubhouse, The Wharf, Watsons Bay on Tuesday the 5th September 2017 at 7:30pm.



  1. Apologies.
  2. To confirm the minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting.
  3. President’s Report.
  4. To adopt the Annual Report and Balance Sheet for the year ended 30th June 2017.
  5. To elect office bearers for the forthcoming year, namely President, two Vice-Presidents and Honorary Treasurer.
  6. To elect eight committee members & Honorary Life Member’s to committee.
  7. To appoint Auditors and to fix their remuneration.
  8. To elect Honorary Weighmaster.
  9. To transact any other business that may be brought forward in accordance with the Company’s Articles.


SGFC – Proxy Voting Form 2017

SGFC – Nomination Form 2017