Point Score

Summer Point Score

Summer Point Score competition occurs on the first and third weekends of each month. Commencing on the third weekend of September until the first Weekend of May, including any local tournament within Sydney Waters sanctioned by NSWGFA (ie, Central Zone Rounds) as well as all days of the Interclub Competition at Port Stephens.

Sydney Waters include the areas bounded by Norah Head Lighthouse to the north and Wollongong Lighthouse to the south and sixty miles seaward.

On all Summer Point Score weekends you must stipulate which day you want to fish, this can be done by logging onto a radio boat or any other SGFC boat out fishing on the day as well as marking any T&R certificate clearly as Summer Point Score.

All Sydney Game Fishing Point score rounds must be conducted with in the bound of the NSW Game Fishing Association Rules

Tag & Release – PORAS Trophy

Available line classes include:

  • Light       – 10 kg
  • Medium – 15 kg
  • Heavy    – 24 kg, 37 kg and 60 kg

The winner and runner up being determined by total points scored.


Updated 22/01/20

Tag & Release – Tennessee llTrophy

The line classes:

  • Ultra Light – 4 kg to 10 kg lines
  • Light           – 15 kg line
  • Medium     – 24 kg line
  • Heavy         –  37 kg and 60 kg lines

Updated 22/01/20

Capture – Keith Whitehead Trophy

The line classes:

  • Ultra Light  – 4 kg and 6 kg line
  • Light            – 8  kg and 10 kg
  • Medium      – 15 kg
  • Heavy          – 24 kg, 37 kg and 60 kg

Updated 7/05/19

 Capture – Line Class

LINE CLASS RECORDSydney Game Fishing Club22/01/20    
15WHALER SHARKDaniel O'NeilCASEYSmall Fry Boy101.502575.56
15YELLOWFIN TUNAMakira WrightTANTRUMJunior Girl40.002400.00
24BLUE MARLINMakira WrightTANTRUMJunior Girl101.403941.42
24BLUEFIN TUNAJerome AyadSMARTBILLJunior Boy81.503819.29
37YELLOWFIN TUNAMakira WrightTANTRUMJunior Girl71.601247.00
Listing Complete

Updated 22/01/20

Tag & Release – John O’Brien Trophy

This competition runs from 1st July until 30th June and is for Tag & Release.  Any fish tagged anywhere on the NSW coast is eligible, with the winner and runner up being determined by total points scored.

GALE FORCE1150011500
HUNTER 31000010000
BAIT ME1000010000

Updated 22/01/20