2018 Monster Mako Report

A big thanks to all who participated in this year’s Monster Mako Shark Tournament.

As a quick tally we tagged 39 Mako Sharks, 14 Blue Sharks, 2 Thresher Sharks and a Whaler Shark plus a few were captured.


Champion Boat Tag and Release Undertaker – 32,775 points
Runner-Up Boat Tag and Release Gale Force – 20,125 points
Heaviest Mako Shark Capture Casey – 182.5kg
Champion Junior Angler – Capture Makira Wright – 139.5kg Mako on 15kg

Fingers crossed also for 13 Year old Makira Wright with her 139.5 Kg Mako Shark on 15kg pending National, NSW and Club Record. Well done Makira!