Out West Club Meeting with Al McGlashan

This year the Out West Meeting will be on 16th. November’ 17 from 7pm.

It will be held at Phil and Vicky Webster’s hotel ‘Richard’s on the Park’ with special guest speaker Al McGlashan.

Locate at: 41 Canley Vale Rd.,Canley Vale. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm.

The TENNESSEE ll Trophy

At one time in the not too distant past, back in the days when Capture was the mainstay of all the Game Fishing Clubs the most vied for trophy in our club was the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY. The charter for this trophy is such that the boat most adept at catching fish on ALL line classes on point score days only was the winner. However, since the introduction of Tag & Release the number of fish killed has decreased dramatically. In fact to the point where last season only five boats killed fish and four of them tied for the first place.
Through Gary Sexton the club has been offered a trophy for which the charter will be the equivalent in Tag & Release to the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY.
This new trophy, the TENNESSEE ll Trophy will be for Tag and Release on Summer Point Score days. Like the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY the winner will be the boat with the lowest points accrued from its position within each of the four NSWGFA line class categories thus giving us the boat which performed best over all.

Below is an example of how the winner of the KEITH WHITEHEAD TROPHY and the
TENNESSEE ll Trophy is calculated…

Tag & Release line class categories (Capture categories are different):

Ultra Light  :  4 kg. to 10 kg. lines
Light             : 15 kg.
Medium       : 24 kg.
Heavy           : 37 kg. and 60 kg. lines

Boat                Ultra Light     Light      Medium      Heavy     Accrued

Ambition               2000 (3)      5000 (1)      1500 (3)      2000 (3)      10
Tantrum                1000 (4)       2000(2)     6000 (1)       1900 (4)       11
Shakara                 3000 (1)         500 (3)      1000 (4)      6000 (1)        9
Midnight               2500 (2)         200 (4)     5900 (2)      5000 (2)      10

As you can see each boat has scored points in each of the line class categories. To the right of each category is each boats position within the category ( in brackets ). By adding each boat’s position, in its row, we get the ‘Accrued’ total. The boat with the lowest Accrued total i.e. Shakara is the winner with Ambition and Midnight tying for second place.