To apply for club membership, download and complete the membership form.  Ensure someone in the club has seconded (signed) the form, then post or email to the club with payment.
Download Your New Member Application Here

Renew Membership

To renew club membership, download and complete the membership renewal form then post or email to the club secretary with payment.
Download Your  Member Renewal Form Here

Boat Registration

To register your boat with the club, download and complete the boat registration form and post or email to the club.  Please make sure your safety equipment is up to date and all your radios are in good working order before heading out to sea.
Download Boat Registration Now

Wharf Etiquette

A downloadable ‘PDF’ describing how to tie your boat to the wharf as well as the etiquette involved.
Download Wharf Etiquette Now


Point Scores

All Sydney Game Fishing Competitions and Pointscore round must be conducted with in the bound of the NSW Game Fishing Association Rules

Central Zone Competition Rules

For central zone rules, details and entry please visit:


Want to be a part of the biggest game fishing competition in the southern hemisphere?

Why not fish the Port Stephens Interclub, applications are due in by the end of December and teams will be announced in our February club meeting.

Details available here on NSW GFA InterClub Website.

Tags and Captures

Tag Card Submission

Snail mail won’t deliver your tag cards to the club within the 7 day limit?
Your points can still count! Simply download the following point score form and email to the club. However, don’t forget to post us the original copies too!
Download Digital Point Score Form

For results of the overall DPI Tagging Program from 2016/17 season please visit the DPI Tagging Statistics page.

NSW GFA NSW Record Application

For NSW Record Applications please visit the NSW GFA website.

GFAA Australian Record Application

For GFAA Australian Record applications please visit GFAA site

First Marlin Certificate
Download First Marlin Certificate

Download SGFC Logo PNG