SGFC Tuna Slam 2023 – 1st.June’23 to 31st.August’2023

Gregs Yellowfin
Gregs Yellowfin

The SGFC Tuna Slam will take place throughout the entire months of June, July and August.

Boundaries are bordered by ‘Delta’ to the North and below ‘Zulu’ to the South on the Central Zone grid chart i.e.  North to  latitude 33” 05′  and  South to latitude 34” 55′  – with no limit to the days you may fish.


Entry:   $250 per boat regardless of the number of anglers – boats must be registered before heading to sea to compete.

Registering: To register contact the club secretary ( Anita – 0402 615 814)

Prizes:  The pool starts with $2,300.00 not won last year…
40% of the entry pool to the heaviest Blue Fin
40% to heaviest other tuna and remainder to the Club

North  to Latitude  – 33.05.000
South  to Latitude – 34.55 000

Please note eligible tuna must conform to NSWGFA rules i.e. they must be at least equal in weight to the line class used.

The SGFC website and facebook will be regularly updated with details of leading fish.

Project Kingfish

Project Kingfish
Project Kingfish
Registrations now open for our tag and release kingfish competition!
With $5000 in prizes up for grabs, head down to Fishing Station or Sydney Game Fishing Club to register today. There are multiple prize categories for men, women and juniors. Fishing will be open all through December and January, so there’s plenty of time to get into it.
Each registration pack contains everything you need including tags, a brag mat, tagging kit and more!
Reach out to use with any questions.