Fishing By-Laws

Fishing By-Laws

The Club’s By-Laws are broken up into sections – General, Fishing and Club Points & Trophies.

Fishing By-Laws last updated: May 6th 2020.

1. G.F.A.A & N.S.W.G.F.A.

The Rules of the G.F.A.A. & N.S.W.G.F.A. shall apply.

2. Weighing

(a) An official weigh master shall weigh and check captures according to the requirements of the Club’s Notification of Capture. He shall then, if satisfied, sign the notification. An independent witness shall check the weight and if satisfied, sign the notification. A further record of capture, signed by the weigh master, shall be entered in the capture book provided at the Club House and placed near the capture box.

(b) In the event of an official weigh master being unable to attend, a committee person may act in his stead.

(c) Where it is impossible to bring a fish to an official weigh master, it may be weighed by an independent person on any government tested scale and may be recorded on a Notification of Capture and independently witnessed.

(d) The use of “chokers” is prohibited in the weighing of sharks. Where practicable, sharks are to be weighed by the tail.

3. Notification of Capture

(a) Notification of Capture forms in books shall be made available to all members at reasonable cost.

(b) All Notification of Capture for recording purposes after complying with Clause 1, shall be lodged with the Hon. Secretary within 14 days. Special extenuating circumstances may be left to the discretion of the Committee.

(c) All Notification of Capture for inclusion in the Sydney Point Score, or Inter-Club competitions, shall be lodged in the box provided in the Club House on the day of capture. Notification of Captures made outside the Sydney Point Score area must be received by the Chairman of the Angling Committee no later than 7 days from the date of capture. Whilst extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Committee, failure to comply will result in non- recognition of recordable points for that day’s fishing.

(d) Tag & Release forms as as 3 a),b),c)

4. Club Record Chart

A Sydney Game Fishing Club Ltd Record Chart shall be established and maintained on the Club Website.

5. Captures

All fish must be declared, in the Capture Certificate, on the actual Line Class of the line used in its capture if such capture is to be eligible for Point Score or Trophy. Where it is discovered that a deliberate false statement has been made, and line class nominated either above or below that actually used in the capture, then capture will be disqualified.

6. Record Claims

N.S.W and Australian Record Claims shall be endorsed by the Club in the event of such capture being made by a financial Club member, Honorary Life Member or Honorary Member

7. Tackle Inspection

At any time, any two Committee Members may request an inspection of fishing tackle.

8. Cancellation

In the event of bad weather a point score day will not be cancelled. It will be the responsibility of every boat owner to be aware of the weather forecast for each days fishing to decide if sea conditions are safe for their vessel to put to sea. Neither the Club nor the Committee shall be in any way responsible for any loss damage or injury occasioned by a vessel putting to sea or remaining at sea in adverse weather conditions.

9. Spirit of Angling

The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for his life. (Adopted from the rules of the Tuna Club, Santa Catalina Island, California)